NADRA New Steps in 2019

Now to update your personal data – edit
Prerequisites for making a New Identity Card and deducting a formal ID card.
Without paying an ID card fee
Only 100 rupees for service charges
Update / Edit / Edit the following data: –

Nadra New Step In 2019

  1. Janus
  2. Bloodgroup
  3. Religion
  4. tongue.
  5. Accommodation.
    6) Residential accommodation
  6. Criminal status / spouse information
  7. Identification symbol
  8. Academic Qualification
    11 Profession.
  9. Accommodation information
  10. Mobile Phone – Fax Number – Email Phone Number
  11. Mother’s Details (Name – Nickname – Identity Card Number)
  12. Details of relatives (name – surname – sex – identification card number – affiliate)
    Up to one or more modifications can be made to one-time processing. Each new fee will be charged (Rs. 100).
    The laws of change will apply

These are new revolutionary step of Nadra. all these new step of Nadra made comfort for people in 2019.

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